Today: 7/26/2014

  Governor's July Message
As I spent time with my family this 4th of July weekend, I took some time to reflect on how blessed we are and how so often many take for granted the blessings bestowed upon us as we live here in the greatest country on the face of the earth.

As we sometimes struggle with things like the A/C breaking, the car not starting or the long wait we had sitting in the doctor’s office we must remind ourselves that there are many in the world who don’t have A/C or running water, don’t own a car or can’t afford to go to the doctor.... 
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Service Leadership Program at Work (K-KIDS)

When it comes to developing young minds into passionate, caring individuals, there is one organization that stands out, Kiwanis. Kiwanians nurture and shape leaders that care about our community. Such is a prime example in the Panhandle, in Division 1, where the K-KIDS in edge Elementary is being a Difference Maker. The Kiwanis Club of Niceville-Valparaiso...  full story

FUN is the Heart of Community Service



Kiwanis & Scholastics Books Partnership

In collaboration with Scholastics Books and other other organizations Kiwanis Clubs around the District are providing opportunities for Children to grow.

   Enterprise Elementary                       Rock Lake Elementary
 Deerfield Beach Park Elementary




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