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 First Lady Sharon Taylor



On Saturday, April 5, 2008 Kiwanis clubs throughout the Florida District participated in A Day at The BallPark promoting sportsmanship, encouragement and traditional family values through our theme, “Be a Super Model.”
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2007-08 THEME & GOALS

Take TIME to be a SUPER MODEL this year!

    Having Fun as a Team with a district wide cruise to visit clubs in the
    Sharing in fund-raising to create funding sources other than dues
    encouraging competition for club excellence and awards

    Introduce Kiwanis Programs to every school in the district
    Add or improve Kiwanis signage and pride
    Participate in the Governor’s project for youth sports…….Kiwanis day at
 the ballpark
    Encourage the wearing of contemporary Kiwanis attire that makes a
 member proud of wearing it.

    Net membership gain of 10%
    Each club shall have a Special Guest Day
    All clubs opened since 2006 shall have a net membership increase of 25%
    Open 12 new clubs in Culturally diverse areas of the district
    Diversify Club Membership through Recruitment of women through the
 100 in 100 program

    2010-2010 ……..20 % of Membership at Education Days, Governor’s Visits
 and International Convention……..10% of membership at the district
    Use on line education for frequently asked questions and common club





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