A Kiwanis Glossary

Active Membership -- The basic kind of Kiwanis membership involving full participation and regular attendance.

Builders Club -- A sponsored youth organization for middle and junior high school students age 12 to 15. This co-educational program offers young people the opportunity to participate in service projects for their school and community and to learn organization, administration, and group functioning.

Circle K Club -- A sponsored youth organization for college students. It is the largest collegiate organization in North America with nearly 700 clubs. Sponsored by a local Kiwanis Club, Circle K provides the means of responsible student involvement on the college campus.

Golden K Club -- Kiwanis clubs designed to provide fellowship and service opportunities to retirees and those who might not otherwise enjoy these opportunities. They function as regular Kiwanis clubs.

Honorary Membership -- Accorded to an individual not an active or senior member, who has rendered some distinguished public service and whom the club wishes to reward in this fashion. Honorary membership must be renewed by the club from year to year.

Interclub -- A Kiwanis meeting at which at least four members from another club are in attendance, or at which two members are accompanied by Circle K or Key Club members. 

Key Club -- A sponsored youth organization for high school students. Key Clubs are service clubs sponsored by a local Kiwanis club. A Key Club develops initiative, leadership abilities, and good citizenship practices in your people.

K-Kids -- A sponsored youth organization for primary school students. This age group fills the gap between children that are the focus of the Young Children Priority One program and the Builders Club members. The purpose of the K-kids program is to instill community service values in children at an early age.

Leave of Absence -- Local Board approved absence from club meetings and activities of not for less than 30 days nor for more than six months. Leaves of absences are granted to members who, because of special circumstances, are unable to participate regularly in club events.

Legion of Honor -- Recognition of Kiwanians with 25 or more years of service.

Make-up -- While a club has regular attendance requirements, a member whose schedule forces him or her to miss a regularly scheduled meeting can remain an "active participant" by attending an inter-club, attending meetings of other clubs, attending board meetings, and round tables.

Senior Membership -- A class of membership for an individual who has been an active member in good standing in one or more Kiwanis clubs for no fewer than ten years, but who is unable to meet attendance requirements because of health, business, or other extenuating circumstances. All privileges of active membership remain with Senior Membership status.

Young Children Priority One -- Kiwanis Clubs have many projects of their own design built upon the club's analysis of community needs. Kiwanis International has a special emphasis and requires local clubs to focus, at least in part, on that special emphasis. Young Children Priority One is the Kiwanis International program that focuses on children from pre-natal to age five.

Provided by Bob Henderson of the Kiwanis Club of Capital City


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